Laban Ragasa Johnson, Jr. ( also known by the stage name of "Respek'd" ) 

Writer, Producer, Promoter, Publisher, Internet Marketer, Public Speaker, Business Administrator, Serial entrepreneur, Small business advocate, Social media activist, Airman in the Texas State Guard, and most importantly, DAD.

Laban Johnson’s Bio at : Laban is a father of two and serves as Founder of the Laban Johnson Group and Editor and Moderator of it’s many web and media properties including the forums,, and Laban also serves as a Trustee of the Polymath Foundation, a Contributor to the Yahoo! Network, Moderator of the Houston’s Minority Business Owners (“HMOBs”) Facebook group. Laban has previously served on the Executive Committee of the NAACP Houston Branch, for which he received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of the 18th Congressional District of Texas, and Laban is a former member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences as well as the Washington Area Music Association, is an active member of Toastmasters, International and contributes hundreds of hours each year in volunteer service as a national social media advocate championing many worthy charitable and social causes.

Born August 20, 1979 in Washington, D.C. to father Laban Sr., a taxidermist and Marian Johnson, a homemaker, the third of four children and only boy. Laban grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia and attended Potomac View Elementary, Fred M. Lynn Middle, and Woodbridge Senior High School where, in addition to regular courses, he studied electronics, music theory, television production and drama, finishing with a Vocational Completer’s Diploma in Electronics.

Musical Career: Laban’s first musical release was with the underground demoscene group TriLoXy (TLY) in the mid 1990’s using tracking software on a PC.

Laban’s first business venture was his own production / publishing company called LayZBoyz Entertainment. The straightforward LayZBoyz Entertainment slogan, “Sounds You Want” is a crystal-like reflection of Laban “Respek’d” Johnson’s no-nonsense approach to business.

Laban later went on produce 3 tracks on 2001 “In Memory Of” Los Angeles based gangsta rapper known as “El Demonio” released on AME/BMG Latin which was submitted for the Latin Music Awards and rated as an urban masterpiece and sold over 40,000 copies within a few short weeks of its Feb. 20th, 2001 release in El Demonio’s home town of Fresno, California. Respek’d produced the music for songs “Doing Too Much,” “No Love,” and the chart-busting debut single “Baby Girl”, which is about a man who loves his stepdaughter unconditionally.

“Baby Girl” received international radio airplay. “Joints like that I can relate to and after playing it on my show, “Carry It Or Bury It,” it was clear that the Central California radio listeners felt the same way, giving [El Demonio] and his song an overwhelming and unheard of 100% “Carry It” vote” said Robert Pena, “The Wood Dog”, Afternoon Drive DJ for Frenso, California’s KKPW 94.3 FM “The Party”.

Sherry Mendiola a.k.a. DJ Sweet Thang, the Mid-day Disc Jockey for KHTN HOT 105 added: “‘Baby Girl’ is simply off the hook! I love it! The concept is what people can relate to. In this day in age we all have a stepdaughter/stepson or know someone who does. “Baby Girl” is beautifully worded and the beat is hype. It has to be one of the most radio friendly tracks I’ve ever heard. It’s a must song for your play list!”

All three of Respek’d tracks were remixed and re-released with the addition of a new track, “Big” on El Demonio’s 2008 “Born Again” album ( UPC:809367208728 Record Label:PMC Music Group ) with contributing artists Juvenile, Snoop Dogg, The Game, T.I., Baby Bash, A.L.T., JT The Bigga Figga, Frost, Jay Tee, ODM, Son Doobie, Don Cisco, The Stomper, Mr. Criminal, Doll-E Girl, Cap Nine, Grizzly Gambino, Big Spanky, Mr. Trigger, Playa Stevo, Raesanae, Redwood, Stud Sucram and Triste Loko. Other producers were K.O., Insane Mixaken, Cap Nin and Grizzly Gambino.

Laban Johnson now lives in Houston, Texas with his two sons, Eric and Brennan,  where, on top of his portfolio of pet projects, he works as a last-mile delivery subcontractor for several major retail brands, Notary Loan Signing Agent and serves in the Texas State Guard as an Interoperable Communications Specialist / Trainer, Emergency Manager, and Evacuee Tracking and Red Cross Shelter Management operator / training facilitator, and also volunteers in the Houston Air Show and the annual Young Heroes of the Guard Toy Drive. Laban also volunteers as a dispatcher for . @labanjohnson LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: @labanrjohnson