On Social Media – Why You Don’t Need a “Guru”

A little bit on social media – I’ve been on social media since before the term social media was coined. I don’t go around calling myself a guru or expert on the subject. For me, using social media is a basic function right up there with drinking water, also something else I’ve been doing for many, many years. But I don’t tout myself as an expert on hydration. I think both drinking water and using social media are basic functions that you learn to do organically. You don’t need a class or a guru, you just need to be thirsty, in the case of drinking water, or to feel a need to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s how we all learn. Everyone has tried to drink out of a cup while laying down. It doesn’t work very well. You only need to learn that lesson once. Yes, there are mistakes you can make on social media. If you’re wise, you’ll learn the easy way, from others’ mistakes, and not repeat them. But you can’t learn if you’re not on social media. Make sense?

It’s not about just being on social media, though that is itself very entertaining and can be fulfilling, but, more importantly, being part of the conversation that is the evolution and ever-changing course of humanity and how we live and work and play. I imagine it like a big dinner party where everyone is invited. EVERYONE. Some people know how to behave in mixed company, others don’t. Some will leverage the opportunity to make the right connections to make the next big move in their career, others will just have fun in the moment. Either approach is perfectly okay. It’s just a dinner party 🙂