On this page, I’ll briefly list some of my various pet projects which are in various stages, from infancy to rebirth, in case you want to learn more or especially get involved! Get in where you fit in! If you see an opportunity where you can help expand on these projects or you’d like to contribute in some way, definitely get in touch with me! I love cross-promotion and welcome contributing articles from other related authors and websites. Check back from time to time for updates! If you’d like to get updates, then subscribe to my newsletter!

Self Improvement –¬†The first and most important project is the project of SELF, especially improving oneself. I believe that without the growth of SELF all other projects will stagnate. Growth and Contribution are the two higher emotional needs of all human beings and by focusing on your personal growth and ways to contribute to society in greater and greater ways all your other needs will be fulfilled.

Updated 6/11/2018: I’m presently studying Project Managment and Chinese (Mandarin).

Why Project Management? I’ve toyed with project management concepts in previous businesses but never taken the deep dive. Recently one of my sergeants in the Texas State Guard mentioned he’s studying project management and I decided to look into it a little further, especially to learn the lingo and concepts so that I can interface better with professional project managers in my projects and/or projects I contribute to in the future.

Here’s HOW I started studying Project Management. First of all, you don’t need to sign up for a school or join anything to begin learning. What you will need to do is obtain a copy of the PMBOK, the Project Management Book of Knowledge. This is the Bible of the Project Management world. The PMBOK is published by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a worldwide certifying organization for project managers who achieve the PMP designation. I’m using an app called PMP Exam Prep. The PMP requires a bachelor’s degree as a pre-req. I’ll need to formalize my education before I can take the exam, but nothing prevents me from learning and applying the concepts, and leveraging that knowledge NOW. ūüėČ

Ś§ßŚģ∂Ś•Ĺ! Why Chinese? I’ve always wanted to be able to read Chinese. It’s so different from the Latin and Germanic languages and I think it’s a great challenge, personally, to stretch my brain. Also, when I learned Spanish I was able to make new friends in other parts of the world and here in the US that I couldn’t communicate with before. There are over 1 Billion Chinese speakers. I’m excited by the possibilities of the friendships I can make. I’m also pleasantly surprised to find out how many of my fellow Americans are learning Chinese.


Personal Branding – This website, my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Having a personal presence on the internet is a project that takes a ton of time and attention in itself. But it has to be done. And I encourage you to post a website of your own and invite me! I support you!

I believe everyone should be working on their personal ‘brand’ because people don’t do business with corporations, they do business with the people in the corporation. We live in an age where we can even pick which electric company we want to buy from. have no shortage of choices. If they don’t like you or your people, they’ll go somewhere else. You must let them know who you are and what you stand for.

Personally, I feel I’m a little late to the personal branding party, but I’m the subject matter expert (SME) on Me, so who is better qualified to do the job?

Comments on social media moved to post: See: On Social Media – You Don’t Need A Guru

Local Networking РG.I.T

Online Networking¬†–

Administration – Organizing, Systematizing, outsourcing.


UpliftAnother – UpliftAnother is not itself a charity, but it serves to support many charitable organizations. My long-term goal is to set up a fund or funds that perpetually provide(s) financial support to worthwhile causes that improve quality of life, uplifting other human beings and animals. I think you’ll find the content curated on our Facebook page to be very uplifting! The logo was designed by cartoonist Jason Wilkins, a Navy veteran I worked with at the Ampac group. – (Website is being worked on, but also check out our Twitter @HoustonNewMedia and Facebook pages!) ¬†I was inspired to start HoustonNewMedia during my first Houston hurricane, Ike, when I really fell in love with Houstonians for coming together and helping one another through it. – This site focuses on the many positive facets of the city of Houston and surrounding areas – food, restaurants, arts, business. ¬†The site proudly serves as an ambassador to the City of Houston’s Office of Special Events. We also share news from multiple emergency management sources during large-scale emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, and participate in awareness / preparation campaigns. In short, stay out of flood waters, don’t leave kids and pets in the car, and stay hydrated. ūüôā – I had a chance to speak to a group of inner city high school kids on a Saturday morning and I was moved at how many showed up and how serious they are about their futures. I wanted to do more. – Alerts feeds from multiple cities and sources. I follow it on Twitter @CSNCrowd – A service of – a large Facebook group of over 2,000 people who are veterans or people who love our U.S. veterans. РA labor of the love of chocolate. Twitter @ChocolateTweets 

Media projects Рaudio, video Рcontemplating getting into podcasts. Goal to do more video (YouTube and/or Facebook live in the near future)

Neodd Sweven РAviation page.

ClearedHot РThe US Military Kicking Ass.

Indie4Ever РTo Help Independent Music Artist Stay Independent.